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Things to be Avoided After a Rhinoplasty Operation

Those to be done after the rhinoplasty operation during the healing process are as much important as the rhinoplasty operation. You may think that this will be an easy task, but an impact to your nose after the process is an extreme serious problem. Therefore is an efficient healing period after the operation very important for a faster recovery. Thus you will be able to return to your daily activities much faster. There some points to be avoided after a rhinoplasty operation. A full recovery of a new nose and the nasal bones takes nearly six weeks. Consequently, you will need to take additional measures in order to ensure that nothing goes wrong during this period.

No To Hard Working

Activities like gym and exercises should be avoided for at least two weeks after the operation. Aerobic exercises, running and even high efficient walking are among the activities not to be conducted along with lifting weight. You can return to your regular exercise activities after the third week. Beside this, swimming is required to be avoided during the first six weeks.  Contact sports like basketball and volleyball are prohibited for 4-6 months since these could harm your nose.

Don’t Take Shower

This may be a restriction, which is quite difficult to understand, but you may take a bath when you are sure that your nose will remain dry. This is allowed in 5 days after the operation. You may use a damp cloth in order to clean your face. Just take care on that your nose remains dry.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

There are things you need to do after the operation until your nose is fully healed. And one of these is not drinking alcohol. Some medication to be administered to you after the rhinoplasty operation might interact with alcohol. At the same time, alcohol, which dilutes the blood, can cause an excessive bleeding risk.

Don’t Smoke

The same is applicable for smoking, too. Avoiding this during the first two to three weeks will be the best. Actually, undergoing a rhinoplasty operation might be a perfect motivation for quitting smoking.