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  • Will there be a bruise or swelling after the operation ?

    There have been serious bruises and swellings when the operation is performed with old methods. So, this is frozen in people’s mind. This problem has been minimized with the developed methods. In most cases with our patients, bruise has not been observed. Swelling, meanwhile, has not been that serious to be worried about and it is temporary.

  • Will there be pain ?

    After the surgery, the first day there will be slight pain and this will be dealt with some simple painkillers.

  • How long should the paitents stay in the hospital ?

    According to the condition of the patient, he will be discharged in the evening of the day he had the surgery or he will spend a night at the hospital.

  • How long does the operation last?

    Depending on the severity of the patient’s problem it will last between 2-3 hours.

  • Will the nose fall off after the surgery ?

    One of the main goals of the surgery is to reinforce the tip of the nose. On the contrary, there won’t be a falling of but a reinforcement. This rumour is because of the results of the old methods that are frozen in people’s mind.

  • Will it hurt too much when the tampons are removed ?

    Old tampons were made of rubber and swelled over time. Thus it used to hurt too much during removal. Now we use slicon and remove the tampons without

  • When can I return to normal working life ?

    We remove the bands from the nose on the 6th day of the surgery and later the patient can return to normal life.

  • Is nasal aesthetic done only by Plastic Surgeon?

    Nasal aesthetic is a joint operation of ENT and Plastics. What is important here is the experience of the surgeon. If the patient’s problem is not related only with the shape and have a functional problem, of course it will be more appropriate for this operation to be performed by an ENT specialist.