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Rhinoplasty and Sun

Rhinoplasty is one of the frequent preferred and most applied aesthetic procedures in the world. Frankly, while patients need to limit some activities during the healing period after any surgical operation, there also activities which need to be limited after a rhinoplasty operation. This is an understandable situation since the healing and normalization of the tissues take some time. Exercises that would fatigue the bridge and wearing glasses are among the points to attach importance to after a rhinoplasty operation. However, there are also less significant activities needed to be avoided in order to minimize the risk of a complication. One of these is related to be subjected to sun after a rhinoplasty operation.

Surgical Operation and Sun

It is mandatory that patients stay away from the sun for a while after a rhinoplasty operation. The operated area is very sensible after any surgical operation and the strong effects of the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun can harm the results. Today is open rhinoplasty very rife since the surgeons can thus better focus on the tissues they are working on. There will be no scars after this process, performed with an incision at the tissue between the nostrils, when the patient can sufficiently care on his/her wound. Subjection to sunlight during the healing process trends to darken the surgical scars and is therefore not recommended.

How Long Do I Have to Stay Away From the Sun?

Being very careful with regards to staying away from the sun may naturally be a great inconvenience. However, whilst the inconveniences faced by the patients during the healing period are temporary, the results of a rhinoplasty operation will remain a whole life. Therefore, it is necessary to stay away from direct sunlight and to use additional measures like a hat along with protective sunscreens..