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Nasal Respiration

A comfortable nasal respiration is as important as the appearance of the nose. You, of course, don’t want a very beautiful nose incapable of respiration.

Nasal obstruction is the main reason for many problems such as low sport performance, reduction in sleep efficiency, sleeping with open mouth and snoring, repetitive throat infections, chronic sinusitis. Moreover, if the nasal obstruction is not corrected, in later ages, it may also cause heart problems.

Here for this reason, I aesthetically examine all patients who will undergo nasal surgery, and examine their respiration function in a detailed manner as well. As a result of these examinations, many secondary problems might be detected in addition to visual problems at our some patients such as Septum Deviation (nasal bone sprain), Concha Bullosa (cysts in the nose), Chronic Sinusitis, Nasal polyps (nasal meat), Concha hypertrophy. Performing such a detailed examination, gives our patient the opportunity to conclude both rhinoplasty (aesthetic nose surgery) and other intranasal problems.