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Myths and Facts Related To Rhinoplasty

Persons thinking that there is a problem with regards to the aesthetics of their nose or any functional problem at their nose, which distress breathing, constitute an inconvenience, prefer rhinoplasty operations. Rhinoplasty, no matter whether performed for aesthetic or medical reasons, is an operation which greatly improves the life of the patient. Though that, as it is all cases are some myths thought to be correct with regards to rhinoplasty operations misdirect the people and result in wrong knowledge on this issue.

Rhinoplasty Is Only For Women

This is one of the wrong thoughts related to rhinoplasty as it is the case for many aesthetic procedures. Even is the majority thinks that aesthetic applications are only for women, rhinoplasty is an aesthetic surgical preferred by men, too. Being male doesn’t mean that crooked noses can’t be corrected, that the size of the nostrils can’t be changed or the respirations can’t be improved by means of operations.

Rhinoplasty Changes the Facial Expression

This is not true, even if this should seem to be logic due to the change of one of the important features of a face. Rhinoplasty consists of the changes to the nose, which only a part of the face. Your facial expressions will remain the same after the rhinoplasty as they were before the rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty Is Noticed By Everybody

Many patients are afraid of that a rhinoplasty operation could be noticed by others. Even if your friends and your family will possibly perceive that there is something looking different, this will not be noticeable that much. Actually, the incision scar after the rhinoplasty will remain either in the nose or an invisible place under the nose. And this means that people will not instantly notice that you underwent a rhinoplasty when they see you.

Rhinoplasty Is Expensive

Of course is any surgical aesthetic operation more expensive compared with manicure. But there is no reason to think that this is very expensive when you consider it as an investment into your health and wealth. Today are rhinoplasty operations no more operations which are performed only for rich and famous persons.