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Functional Rhinoplasty Is Not Performed Only Fort he Appearance

Most patients think that rhinoplasty is mainly performed due to cosmetic reasons, but there are many functional problems able to be eliminated with rhinoplasty operations. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is primarily related to the appearance, aesthetic shape of the nose. A change to the cosmetic aspects may change the image of the patient, but functional changes can do more. Functional rhinoplasty can correct the problem and attenuate the medical problems when respiratory problems or nose injuries should develop. Functional rhinoplasty can be combined with cosmetic changes.

Most Frequent Faced Functional Problems

Some of the typical problems faced by patients who want to undergo a functional rhinoplasty operation are the following;

Chronic sinus blockage due to acute allergies.

Blockage of a single nostril or both nostrils due to a septum deviation.

Grown cartilages, which result in blockages along the respiratory passage.

Nose polyps.

The nose structure affecting nose traumas.

The consequences of a bad rhinoplasty, which cause disappointing results and functional problems.

The Best Candidates For Functional Rhinoplasty

It is important to determine whether you will be a good candidate or not while thinking about undergoing a rhinoplasty operation. For a rhinoplasty operations, it is important that the general health of the patients is good, that they don’t smoke and have realistic expectations.

What To Know About Rhinoplasty Operations

Rhinoplasty operations last generally one to two hours. A general anaesthesia is used during the operation. Either open or closed rhinoplasty may be applied. The incisions will be limited to the nostrils at a closed rhinoplasty. A very small incision is made below the nose tip in addition to the internal incisions for an open rhinoplasty. Then is the nose skin detached from the bone and the cartilage below it and then is this part reshaped.