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Convenient Healing Hints After a Rhinoplasty Operation

Even if deciding on a rhinoplasty operation, preparing yourself psychologically and physically, undergoing the operation and waking up after it indicate that the difficult stages are left behind; the healing process after the operation holds the most important position among these stages. Though 12 months are needed for a full recovery after a rhinoplasty, this term can be reduced a little bit with some measures to be taken.

It is very important to be aware of that you will go much beyond your common routine during the healing stage. This means that there will be some changes for four to six months. In the simplest term, you will be required to not wear any glasses for a while. This is a simple, but important point.

A splint will be placed for 5-8 days in order to ensure that the new form of your nose remains stable.

Bruises will be seen during the first week after the operation. Pain killers may be taken in recommended doses.

Swelling around the eyes is the most spread faced situation. Some bruise in the cheek region is normal, too. You may apply cold compresses on the swelled regions.

The post-operative care will need some patience since it will be inconvenient and uncomfortable. In addition, you should comply with the instructions given to you in order to keep the nose moist.

Don’t ride a car for 24 hours after the operation.

If you should be wearing glasses, you are recommended to use them six weeks after the operation. The ridge is a quite sensitive region with regards to healing. You may wear contact lenses, but you will need to pay attention to the instructions given to you for this, too.

You head should always stay upright. Be sure that your head remains high while you are sleeping and use two pillows under your head.

Don’t participate to weary activities. You are also advised to not carry heavy things.

First of all, you will mostly need to be patient during the healing period. There might be a nasal blockage, walking around in bandages might demoralize you, you might not be able to stand the bruises or not be able to return to your daily activities instantly. But you should not forget that you will get your payback for your patience very soon.